angela in the news

Opinion pieces by Angela:

  • City Limits Opinion: NYS Medicaid Program Could Close the COVID-19 Childcare Gap Read more
  • Daily News Op-ed – Advocating against increased deportation and detention. Read more  
  • New York Times Opinion Pages Room for Debate – Eliminating income inequality. Read more

LGBTQ Rights:

  • Under Angela’s leadership, groundbreaking NYS Division of Human Rights win for same sex coupled who was denied a marriage license in the Town of Root. Read more

  • Angela as NY State Commissioner of Human Rights Division, meeting with constituents in Watertown, NY to discuss how to protect the residents, including the LGBTQ population. Read more

Immigrants Rights:

  • Citizenship: Read more

  • Immigration Fraud: Read more

  • Hitting Hitting the streets to protect DACA:  Read more

  • Angela speaking with journalist Maria Hinojosa about DACA: Read more

  • Angela speaking about DACA on the Brian Lehrer Show: Read more

  • Protecting Undocumented Drivers from Insurance Discrimination: Read more

  • Protecting immigrants from deportation right after Trump won 2016 election: Read more

Protecting School Children from Bullying:

Fighting Housing Discrimination:

  • Ensuring that New Yorkers continued receiving their discrimination settlement checks through the pandemic: Read more

  • Read more

Enforcing new laws Against Sexual Harassment:

  • Webinar led by Commissioner Fernandez with Time’s Up about new Laws Against Sexual Harassment: Read more

  • Commissioner Fernandez, speaking at town hall meeting about newly strengthened law against sexual harassment:  Read more

City & State Interview Dominican Day Parade: